Description: Wrist squeezes for strength and wrists stretches flexibility

Goal: Reduce pain in wrists and prevent injuries.
Objective: Wrist flexibility and strength

Equipment: Stress Ball or Dry Washcloth
Reps: As Many As Possible in Time Frame
Time: 5 min each wrist

  1. Using a dry washcloth or stress ball, open and close the hand, squeezing tight. This strengthens and helps prevent injury.

Equipment: Soft Surface
Reps: 3 – 10 sec each
Time: 5 min

  1. Sitting up on knees, place hands in front of knees facing forward, transfer some weight to hands and rock forward and back.
  2. Sitting up on knees, rotate hands to face out, transfer some weight to hands and rock side to side.
  3. Sitting up on knees, flip hands over, gently sit back on heels, feeling the stretch in the forearms.
  4. Roll out wrists after each set.