Shoulder Stretches

Description: Shoulder stretches for lengthening muscle


Goal: Reaching to middle of back & arm flat across chest
Objective: Release muscle tension and increase shoulder flexibility

Stretch until you feel a gentle pull, do not force body into position, this can cause damage. Hold at least 20 up to 30 seconds.

Equipment: None
Reps: 2 – 20 sec each
Time: 5 min

  1. Ensure your body is warm before stretching. For a quick warm up, do 25 jumping jacks. Windmills are great for this stretch to warm up shoulder joints. This is great to do after other drills.
  2. Stand up straight and tall. Reach one arm across the chest with thumb to ceiling. Using the other arm to gently pull towards the body. Hold for 20 seconds then switch arms.
  3. Reach one arm straight up by ear then bending at the elbow reach for the middle of the back, near the shoulder blades. Keep head looking straight. Using the other hand gently push the elbow down to feel the stretch in the shoulder and triceps. Hold for 20 seconds then switch sides.


  • Body should be warm before stretching.
  • Do not force body position, this can cause damage.