Knee Bridge

Description: Kneeling reaching back into bridge position



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Goal: Bridge position with knees on the ground
Objective: Increase strength and flexibility in core and back

Equipment: Soft Surface
Reps: 3
Time: 5 -10 min

  1. Tall kneel on the ground, with arms straight up by ears.
  2. Lean back into bridge. Stay tall as leaning back. It’s okay if arms can’t reach the ground, as this is done regularly the flexibility will increase.
  3. From bridge come back up with arms straight by ears, using abs to return to starting position.


  • Stay tall when leaning back, not an exaggerated arc, as this can damage the back.
  • After each bridge, be sure to tuck into a ball and roll back and forth, this will put the spine back into proper alignment.

Things To Watch For:

  • Bending in hips
  • Head placement – maintain a neutral head position, ears between arms.

Skills This Helps:

  • Front Walkover, Back Handspring, Front Handspring