Rock & Roll to Stand

Description: Roll back and stand with hands out in front

Goal: Forward Roll to Stand
Objective: Develop proper technique to stand out of forward roll

Equipment: Soft surface (mat or thick yoga mat)
Reps: 10
Time: 5 -10 min

  1. Standing up with legs together and arms straight and by ears.
  2. Squat down and roll onto back in a ball.
  3. Reach arms forward and stand without tucking legs under or crossing feet or using arms to push off ground.


  • Do this on a soft surface such as carpet as to not hurt the back.
  • Keep body in a ball to roll gently onto back.

Things To Watch For:

  • Crossed legs when standing up.
  • Reaching for the ground behind to help stand up.

Skills This Helps:

  • Forward and Backward Rolls, Safety Rolls, Connecting Skills with Forward Rolls