Handstand Rebound

Handstand Rebound (Snap Downs Snap Ups)

Description: Hand stand shoulder shrug. Pushing the floor away keeping body tight and straight to land on feet.



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Goal: End of power skills, hands are off the ground before feet touch, maintaining a tight straight body
Objective: Increase shoulder and core strength

Equipment: None OR Sturdy Elevated Surface (Folded Panel Mat)
Reps: 3 sets of 5
Time: 10 – 15 min

  1. Start in a lunge, kick up to handstand. Ensure proper handstand position, abs pulled in, lower back straight, head in neutral position with ears between arms. *Use a panel mat if available, hands should be on mat while in handstand and feet will land off the mat during drill.
  2. From handstand shrug shoulders and push the floor away to standing position, rebounding up. Using shoulders pop up pushing the ground away, then snap upper body up as snap feet down.
    • Hands should be off the ground before the feet are on the ground.
    • There should be no bend through hips or arms. The body should stay straight.
  3. Finish with rebound landing feet together, arms up and body straight and tight.


  • Arching in lower back – not maintaining proper handstand position. The shoulders should do all the moving.
  • Bending elbows can cause a face plant.

Things To Watch For:

  • Bending elbows
  • Feet hitting ground before hands are off the ground/mat

Skills This Helps:

  • End of any power skill, Round offs, Back Handspring, Front Handspring