Tip Up or 1/2 Handstand

Description: Handstand with one foot close to the floor and one leg straight up to ceiling.

Goal: Body awareness for handstands
Objective: Transferring weight to hands and ending in lunge.

Equipment: None
Reps: 5
Time: 5 -10 min

  1. Start in a lunge position.
  2. Lean forward, keeping arms straight and by ears, lifting the back leg to create a T position.
  3. Reach down to ground and kick back leg up to handstand position, keeping front leg on ground or close to ground.
  4. Ending back in lunge position.


  • Finishing back in lunge is important. Don’t fall onto knees.

Things To Watch For:

  • Head Placement – maintain a neutral head position, ears between arms.
  • Switching feet, the first foot to leave the ground should be the last foot to touch the ground. The starting and ending lunge should be the same.

Skills This Helps:

  • Handstands, Cartwheels